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  • Thermal insulation bridge-cut-off series

    Thermal insulation bridge-cut-off series Aluminum-wood composite series Sunlight room series

  • Curtain wall series

    Curtain wall series

  • Sliding door household decoration profile series

    Sliding door series, side hung door series, all-aluminum household furniture series, curtain rod series, clothes hanger series

  • General profile and all-aluminum household furniture

    General profile, all-aluminum household furniture, diamond mesh screen window series, louver blade series, KFC door series

  • System doors and windows series

    System doors and windows series

  • Provide the whole set of energy-saving door / window products and services for real estate projects. All the sales points of Weifang Junhe Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. have service telephones.

    Weifang Junhe Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Linqu County, Shandong province, the capital of China aluminum industry and a large aluminum production base in Jiangbei, is a scientific and technological production, production and manufacturing, sales and services in one of the integrated aluminum profile enterprises. The company produces and sells"Junhe", "Chengyu", "Jingyong", "Luyu" brand profiles; The existing powder coating, fluorocarbon, oxidation, tri-acid coloring, porcelain electrophoresis......

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      million yuan
  • Shandong Brand Construction Promotion Association
  • business license
  • Factory Appearance

    Engineering case

    • TEL +86-536-3710536
    • ADD 3366 Yinglong Road, Linqu County, Shandong Province
    • FAX +86-536-3790536
    • E-mail weifangjunhe@163.com
    Mobile station